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Why should you Order Professional Prints?

Professional Photo Printing

Professional Photo Printing

Why should I Order Professional Prints from my Photographer? Why does my photographer charge me for large wall pieces?

Well, there’s not really a “short answer” to these questions. There are many factors such as time and talent, whether your photographer is a hobbyist or a professional, their cost of doing business and the value of the service you are given, just to name a few.

As a hobbyist just starting out, your photographer is new to the field, or may be new to charging for their services. As they get a grasp of what and who they want to shoot, they put themselves out there for everything.  They take photo shoots for seniors, parties, weddings, families, corporate events, landscape, sports, retail and more. Their services are likely much less expensive as they wade through the murky waters of being a paid photographer, finding themselves, and working through all the kinks of running a business. Most photography businesses never make it out of this “infancy” stage.

As the years pass, your photographer has now shot everything you can imagine and zeroed in on subjects they enjoy shooting the most and what subjects best suit their style. Your photographer has spent countless hours perfecting their craft. They have read book after book, practiced, studied hundreds of other photographers portfolios, taken workshops, watched dozens of webinars, practiced some more, all to get better and master their art. Photography is an art and your photographer is an artist.

Just as you wouldn’t commission an artist to paint you a scene, but then ask him to give you his brushes, paint and canvas so you can DIY, the same goes for printing large wall art of your images. Your photographer has created this image exactly as it should be, both in color and composition. By allowing your photographer to complete the process, the vision comes to life and your artwork is created.

As another example in regards to size, when you walk into a furniture store are they afraid to show you the larger dining set that fits your room? Do they act like it’s a stupid to buy the Italian leather instead of the cheap import? No! But rather than simply making my own case, allow history to help, that is the main reason why I rather to buy my furniture online, with just one click I buy exactly what I am looking for.

Below are some classical works, listed with their original sizes. We think of these as classics now, but when made, they were often commissions meant to hang on someones wall just like our photographs. Take a few moments to really look at them.

So when your photographer charges you for large industrial photography, quality pieces of art to hang on your walls, remember what it is that you are paying for. Years of time, talent, blood, sweat and tears to get where they are today. To create this very piece of art. And not just any piece of art, but art that was created just for YOU, of you, of you and your family. This very moment in time can never be relived. It can never be recreated in the exact same way.

Your purchase is an investment. When you purchase this art, you don’t plan to just hang it for a year and toss it, do you? Of course not! Do you buy a Philip Anthony painting (yes, I own an original), hang it for two years and take it down and replace it with something new? No way! It’s a quality piece of art that you have made an investment in.

When purchased from your artist (photographer), your portraits are created to last you a lifetime, and then some. They are printed on higher quality paper or canvas and calibrated, color corrected, and coated with UV and splash resistant coatings. There is a definite, noticeable difference between large professionally printed portraits and consumer grade photo prints. No one will ever regret spending a few extra dollars on a family photo. Because in the end, these photos are all we have.

So the next time you can’t quite understand why your professional photographer won’t just give you all the photos in high resolution format to do as you wish, remember that the artist that paints you a painting doesn’t give you his supplies and let you do it yourself, either. It’s an art, and you have hired an artist to create something special just for you.

Professional Photo Printing

46×34, Portrait of Nicolaes Ruts. Rembrandt, 1631. It seems that even 300+ years ago, a wall portrait was a thing of note. Look at the quality of this work.

Professional Photo Printing

79″x60″ – The Lady Of Shallot by Waterhouse, 1888

Professional Photo Printing

80″x52″ The Voyage Of Life, Manhood by Thomas Cole, 1842

Professional Photo Printing

119″x66″ – Heart Of The Andes by Church, 1859

Professional Photo Printing

143″x172″ – Nightwatch by Rembrandt, 1642

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